Watching Lebron James try to carry the Doomed Cavaliers is sad

LeBron James is the best ‘team’ in the Eastern Conference. By himself. Grab nine players near the University of California, Los Angeles, and join them with James, who won the Eastern Conference. He won six consecutive Eastern Conference championships, which is an amazing feat.

However, there are three, four, or even five teams in the Western Conference. LeBron James cannot beat it alone. The Warriors are clearly the best. In the seventh game against the start of the second quarter of the Indiana Pacers, LeBron James showed his family his situation and told them that he was playing the entire game. At that time, he scored 17 points on 7-of-7 shooting, while other teams scored 18 points on 6 of 18 shots.

LeBron scored 45 points, nine rebounds, and seven assists. After scoring 13 points in the first quarter without losing the team, the Cavaliers lead 12 points. In the second quarter, he scored 13 points, led them to 11 points, scored 12 points in the third quarter, and then crumbled in less than a minute.

James’s teammate came forward without him, and he was able to rest, but the Cavaliers faltered in the fourth quarter and only won four points. When LeBron said he was in the game, it was both a reflection of his competitiveness and his complaint to the team. This is not just because he wants to play the entire game because he doesn’t want anything to happen, but he can’t make anything happen, even in the first round of the playoffs.

The Cavaliers need James to survive. Tristan Thompson, Kevin Love, and George Hill were able to contribute because what they did was a welcome surprise, but it was still a surprise, and it only subtly reduced James’s burden. Throughout the series, no matter how good LeBron was, he could not create the lead, and the Pacers could not return.

The Cavaliers are tragic, because the star-player seems to have returned to his position before he left Miami, and this is part his fault. He also took some responsibility for the team’s struggles: From his relationship with Kevin Owen, he seems to be one of the reasons Owen left the team.

In Cleveland, He has tremendous power.

In this case, he can have a spectacular 45-9-7 game, and his team may still be at the cutting edge of the knockout. It is fun to watch him break the idea that every player should be able to do, but these performances are also sad because it seems that they will inevitably be in vain. The higher he drags, the better the competition will be. The better the competition, the more he will play in each game, so there is no chance. Maybe he will do incredible things and lead the team to the wreckage of the final victory, but that is hope for hope. LeBron is now back in the trap of young LeBron, who has to surpass himself in every game and looks both wonderful and angry.

If anyone can win the championship in this way, it is him, but we have seen this before, and we know how it will end.

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Terry Payne

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