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Round 2 and 3 of 2018 NFL Drafts Roundup

Day 2 of the 2018 NFL Draft was exciting for many and disappointing for the rest. Here is quick roundup of the prominent shuffles of the day.

Mason Rudolph joins stealers with fellow James Washington

Going in at no. 76, Mason Rudolph might not have wanted to be drafted on Day 2. He definitely should have been in the first round. But after a few hours’ wait, he was drafter to the Steelers. The Oklahoma State product could end up taking Big Ben’s place in the team. He was also joined by his college teammate, wide receiver James Washington later. Considering general manager Kevin Colbert has a special eye for defense, Washington could become of the most valuable defenses in the league soon.

Titans and Patriots fight it off

There is a definite clash between the Patriots and the Titans, who are struggling to stay ahead of each other during the draft. As such, both the teams are eyeing for the same players, which has led to some tensions. This offseason, running back Dion Lewis and cornerback Malcom Butler from the Patriots were welcomed to the Titans by GM Jon Robinson and their coach Mike Vrabel.

In the drafts too, Robinson wanted to stay a step ahead in the game. He picked linebacker Rashaan Evans at no. 21 and edge rusher Harold Landy at no. 41 for the team. There was no indication that both the players were on the Patriots’ target but considering their team makeup, an edge rusher and a linebacker is exactly what they needed. Both players also looked like potential Patriots’ targets before Titans swept them away.

Chicago impresses with top drafts

The Bears have become a popular team this season, thanks to their performance on field. However, in the drafts, they were able to shine again, thanks to the pick of center James Daniels and wide receiver Anthony Miller. While Daniels is one of the top centers, Miller is a strong player who has often been compared to Sterling Shepard.

Washington Redskins get what they want

The Redskins were looking for a defensive tackle in Da’Ron Payne. They also wanted a running back as talented as Derrius Guice, as announced by radio analyst Chris Cooley about a week ago. His predictions came true during the drafts, as the team picked up Payne and Guice at 57th. It was a good day for Guice as well who had a few terrible visits to some teams. He was called high-maintenance and immature. The Redskins, however, focused on his relentless on-field persona more.

Jimmy Garoppolo trade clarity

Bill Belichcik may not have slept since San Francisco stole Jimmy Garoppolo from the Patriots last season in a historic upset for the team. Belichick knew what to do (supposedly) as he traded back and forth so the player drafted instead of Jimmy could not receive unfair comparisons. He traded back first, repeating the action to finally trade up to ensure that there was at least some chaos in the room. While it confused everyone around, Mike Reiss from ESPN described it as an effort to get cornerback Duke Dawson.

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