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Miami Heat star Dwayne Wade says retirement ‘Not His Focus’

Veteran player Dwayne Wade, playing in his 15th NBA season talked to reported after his final game of the season with Miami Heat and said that he has thought about retiremen. However, even though he acknowledged the fact that he is considering a retirement, he suggested that the decision will be taken until later. He will likely continue into the offseason before finally announcing his farewell to the game.

When asked about his plans, he said, “That’s not my focus. Fresh off this NBA season, my 15th year, I sit back and think about that. Then I dive and throw myself into my family. They’re next on my bucket list, making sure I’m there for them. And when it comes to the basketball side of it, which is a long time away from now, then I’ll think about that.”

The heat lost to Philadelphia sixers in Game 5 in the first round. The game was attended by Philly rapper Meek Mill who had just been released from prison.

Team’s loss is a greater concern for the player at the moment. He jokingly said, “I love Philly, but ain’t gonna be no breaking news here in Philly. I’m sorry. I appreciate [the concern] but let me worry about that later.” His wife later fanned some rumors after she posted about his career on Twitter. She said, “I hope this isn’t the end, but my God… @DwyaneWade has a career most people dream of. He is a damn legend. An icon. And hes cute ? #HeatNation

— Gabrielle Union (@itsgabrielleu) April 25, 2018

Wade is a three-time NBA champion and truly has a remarkable career. Erik Spoelstra, the coach of Heats who was with Wade in two of three title clinches, said that he didn’t want to think about him quitting the game after the match.

“I don’t even want to go there. You’re going to make me emotional if we start to think about that or talk about that right now,” Spoelstra said.

Wade has had an eventful past few years as he was traded to Miami by Cleveland. In September, he signed with the Cavaliers and the Chicago Bulls buyout was also worked out. He even spent the 2016-17 season with the team. Before this, he had spent 13 seasons with Miami. Spoelstra was one of the happiest people when Wade finally came back home to the Heats.

He said, “I’ve loved it. Each day that he’s been back, I’ve just been trying to enjoy it. I didn’t think that this would happen this year. I thought this would be one of those situations on down the line that would be a ceremonial signing to have him back. When it happened so quickly, he fit right in, and that just speaks to his humility.”

In the playoffs, the 36-year-old averaged 18 points with 49 percent shooting off the bench. Miami has won only one match in the series. In Game 2, he scored 28 points to help the team clinch the match.

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