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Jose Mourinho confirms, David de Gea will stay with Man Utd

Jose Mourinho talked to reporters earlier, confirming that David de Gea is not leaving Manchester United team. He said that there is “no chance” the player is transferring this summer. In his seventh season at United, de Gea is currently in his best form and the club is doing everything to retain him in the team. The Sun reported that the goalkeeper is being offered a new five-year contract at United. By now, the reports of Read Madrid chasing him for a position have largely subdued. It is being suggested that Madrid is currently trying to bring Chelsea’s Thibaut Courtois to their team.

Talking to the press, Mourinho defended his decision to bring Alexis Sanchez from Arsenal to the team. The player had scored in United’s FA Cup semi-final victory on Tottenham last week. He went on to say, “He was playing in the Premier League for years. We all know how good he was, that’s why he was chased by many teams I believe. That’s why we fought to have him here and I was sure he was the right player not just by his typical playing qualities but by his mentality. We needed that, a bit more experience, mental aggressiveness. It was now or never so it was now.”

The boss of the Red Devils spoke in detail about Sanchez, saying, “We needed more experience, more mental aggression and I knew sooner or later it was coming. I don’t like the January market, but it was now or never. Can he help us the way he’s helping us lately for the rest of the season? I hope so and feel so, but what I’m sure about is next season. After pre-season and after being comfortable and adapted, he’ll be great for us.”

Madrid has had some hard time with Keylor Navas. His position at the team came under strict scrutiny, when the Costa Rican’s goalkeeping blunder while they were playing against Bayern Munich in Champion’s League semi-final first leg. Though the team won 2-1, his performance was criticized by many.

This was not the first time he did something outrageous at the Champions League. In the quarter final second leg match against Juventus, he made a high-profile error for the team that could have easily cost them dearly. They could only be saved by Cristiano Ronaldo’s stoppage time penalty which helped the team enter the semis.

The team has been trying to poach de Gea to their side and have consistently been linked with him since 2015. A proposed transfer to Madrid collapsed on transfer deadline back in the day and since then, it has been an on-and-off ride for the club in wooing the goalkeeper. Real lost a chance to sign de Gea last summer as well as they preferred to follow the pursuit of Kylian Mbappe. However, it fell flat on its face as the French striker joined Paris St-Germain.

De Gea is currently out of contract but United is adamant on retaining him on the team. The club still has the option to extend his contract until June 2020. They want to keep the Spaniard with the team for as long as possible and any new approach by a team will be strongly rebuffed.

Man United will be facing Arsenal, Sanchez’s former team, at Old Trafford on Sunday.

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