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Guice surprised at his NFL Draft to Washington Redskins

On Day 2 of the 2018 NFL Draft, everyone was unsure where Derrius Guice will go. He had some terrible visits to some teams recently and was called ‘immature, ‘high maintenance’ and everything in between. However, the LSU running back was picked 59th in the draft Friday night, muting critics who were concerned about his blatant off-field conduct.

The 5-foot-11, 224-pounder could be an asset for any team, given his on-field tactics. However, some teams consider him a difficult player to work with. He was also reportedly involved in a pre-draft altercation with the Philadelphia Eagles. He denied the reports of such an incident. He also said that there could be another NFL Network story that could be “embarrassing” him as well as the Washington Redskins.

His name coming in at number 59th surprised everyone, including Guice. ESPN draft guru Mel Kiper Jr. predicted that he could be a 26th pick in the draft. On a conference call, Guice expressed his sentiments related to this event. He said, “It did surprise me because a lot of the things came out of nowhere and weren’t true. I just didn’t understand why me, out of all people, because I’m great to everybody, I have a great personality and I just didn’t understand why everything just hit so hard with me out of everybody.”

When he was asked whether or not he was involved in an altercation with Duce Staley, the running backs coach for the Eagles, he said, “My trip to the Eagles was great. There wasn’t an altercation when I went. It was great. They were also like family. Me and Duce have a great relationship.”

This wasn’t the end of all chatter for the player. Earlier this week, a month-old interview with SiriusXM Radio garnered highlights, in which the running back talked about his experienced in the team. He mentioned that one NFL team at the NFL scouting combine asked if he is homosexual and the other one asked if his mother “sells herself”. However, at the end of first round draft picks on Thursday, the NFL suggested that there is no evidence of a team asking such inappropriate questions from a player.

Regardless of his troubles and controversies, the Redskins are happy to have Guice on their side. Coach Jay Gruden said that they had done enough homework on the player before deciding he was right for the team. He commented, “We looked at the reports and talked to Derrius’ agent and got a pretty good indication that we felt good about taking Derrius at that position. Lucky to get him. This is a hard-nosed runner, plays hard, he can catch the football, he can pass protect, he’s got good vision and a guy we really liked in the early rounds.”

He also mentioned, “We got to know Derrius quite well. He’s quite the character, He’s got a great personality, loves football and is going to be a great competitor for this football team. We know that.”

How Guice performs for the team is yet to be seen but it is clear that Redskins have a plan for him.

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